As the saying goes “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Therefore, if nothing changes, we stay the same. We don’t grow, evolve, prepare or improve. Ultimately, a lack of progress is not going to work—for you, and the world. We require positive change, fresh ideas, and new direction. Sometimes, it requires taking a huge step back to truly move forward.  WE CHOOSE INNOVATION.

Over the last 14 years, Luxury Meetings has been the leader in creating innovative products.  We’re a company that relies heavily on both hospitality suppliers and meeting planners to interact in person and stay connected.  So, when we start to feel like we’re doing something old, or what we are doing just isn’t working; or can’t work; we decide to do something new.

Luxury Meetings LIVE™:

Luxury Meetings has connected hoteliers and destinations with qualified meeting & event planners since 2009.  Annually, Luxury Meetings hosts 100 meeting buyer events across 65 North American markets.  In each event, Luxury Meetings secures the participation of pre-qualified meeting planners based within a 45-min drive radius of the host property. The attending suppliers and meeting buyers participate in an efficient 3-hour event, versus high-cost, time-consuming trade shows. The format ensures that every planner meets face-to-face with every supplier via various round-robin formats, called Speed Meetings™, moving fluidly into a networking luncheon, charity/silent auction, global gifting partner gifts, and most importantly In-Person FUN.

Luxury Meetings is committed to inviting only pre-qualified, high-end meeting planners who have viable and active meetings for which they are sourcing. On the date of the Showcase, the attending suppliers will arrive at the host hotel by 9:30 am to set up their materials in preparation for the Speed Meetings™. The meeting planners are instructed to arrive between 10:45 am – 11:15 am.  Upon arrival, each planner will collect his or her name badge, swag bag, and number (which will designate their respective starting point for the Speed Meetings™), and then network with the other attendees, while enjoying breakfast appetizers and coffee & tea until 11:15 am, when our Emcee, Jacob Ahrens, will welcome everyone and kick off the Speed Meetings™.

At 11:15 am, each of the planners will participate in approximately 90-minutes of Speed Meetings™ with each of the participating suppliers. The ratio of planners to hoteliers is typically greater than 2:1, so the planners will be paired up for the Speed Meetings™. The purpose of the Speed Meetings™ is to allow each planner to meet with each supplier to find out if there’s an interest to have a longer conversation. “Think Speed Dating”.

Each Speed Meetings™ with last between 6-8 minutes, during which time each attending supplier will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, present their property, exchange business cards, and schedule a follow-up with all planners who have interest (RFPs) for their respective property/destination. At the end of each Speed Meetings™, all planners will rotate to the next table for another round, etc. The exact number of rotations is dependent upon the number of suppliers in attendance, but never more than 20 rotations

At 1:00 pm the Speed Meetings™ portion of the event will conclude. Our Emcee will invite everyone to continue networking with each other during the luncheon portion of the event. 

At 1:30 pm our Emcee will again welcome everyone and introduce a representative from the host hotel, who will have 5 minutes to speak about the host property and remind/invite all the attendees to participate in the hotel site visit. It’s also at this time that the silent auction will close, and we will announce how much money was raised for charity, and then present a check to the representative from the local charity for which we are supporting for that specific event.

At the close of the reception at 1:45 pm, our Emcee will also facilitate the “drawing/raffle” prizes. Luxury Meetings will wrap up at 2 pm, at which point the attendees will depart, with complimentary parking being provided to the attending meeting planners.

Meeting Planner Registration & Participation

Participation is complimentary for qualified meeting planners.  Planner attendees are a collection of meeting planners/buyers from corporations, associations, and 3rd party meeting management companies from the drive market of each respective host hotel. The estimated breakdown of meeting planners is 60% corporate meeting planners, 30% 3rd party meeting planning companies, and 10% association meeting planners.  We accept between 35-50 qualified meeting planners per event.

For a meeting planner to qualify to attend Luxury Meetings LIVE, they must have at least two meetings per year with a minimum ADR of $250 per room/per night. This will ensure we have the highest quality of meeting planners in attendance. The Luxury Meetings team is adamant about maintaining this quality and will be asking for and checking all references before approving every meeting planner’s attendance.

What’s Included in Meeting Planner Registration:

  • Registration is for One (1) Qualified Meeting Planner
  • Swag Bag w/ Gifts from each participating hotel upon arrival
  • Complimentary Gourmet Plated Luncheon
  • Prize drawing participation to include overnight stays from the participating hotels. 

Hotelier & DMO Registration & Participation

Luxury Meetings is focused solely on assisting hotels/destinations with engaging with, building relationships with, and conducting business with top meeting and incentive buyers in the most efficient way possible. Each attending hotel must be of four or five star/diamond (or equivalent) to participate in the showcase, thereby ensuring each property in attendance is in the company of their select peer group and of interest to the planners that have been invited.

What’s Included in Supplier & DMO Registration:

  • Registration is for One (1) Attending Hotelier / Destination Supplier
  • Detailed Booklet containing specifics of each registered meeting planner
  • Gourmet Plated Luncheon
  • Discounted room rates at participating host hotel
  • Social Media exposure

3rd Annual Holiday Summit™:

The 2024 Annual Holiday Summit™ will be taking place at a AAA Five Diamond Resort from Sunday, December 3rd until Wednesday, December 6th.   The 2023 Holiday Summit™ is an INVITATION ONLY, which encompasses 50 curated suppliers and 100 invited and curated highly-qualified meeting planners during the holiday season for 4 days and 3 nights of extravaganza.


We will host a series of bespoke SuiteMeetings™ events in 2023.  These events are INVITATION ONLY.  The objective is simple: we curate a unique group of 12-15 Suppliers to network with 30-35 ideally positioned meeting planners who are a perfect fit for the attending suppliers.  Over the course of several hours, we break bread, talk business before the concert or event, and then have fun all while enjoying a concert or sports game, all within a private suite.  Unlike our Luxury Meetings™ series of events, there are no rotations or time limits; it’s simply a structured casual environment for suppliers and meeting buyers to develop meaningful and productive business relationships, while still ensuring that every supplier gets a chance to meet with every attending meeting planner.