If the information bellow does not answer all your questions,
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  • 1. What is Luxury Meetings LIVE?
    • The Luxury Meetings LIVE is the ideal chance for qualified meeting planners to learn about and meet with various luxury hotels and destinations while exchanging ideas and information with other meeting planners. During the Luxury Meetings LIVE you will participate in an hour and a half of the face-to-face meetings via our Speed Meeting methodology, meeting with up to 30 different luxury properties/destinations. Following the Speed Meetings, enjoy a gourmet reception with Heavy Hors d’oeuvres and Open Bar, Live Music, and the silent auction benefiting a local charity along with our grand prize drawings for which you will be eligible upon meeting with all the attending hotels. Ultimately you will walk away with new ideas and relationships that will lead to better business and better meetings.

  • 2. How do I qualify to attend as a Meeting Planner?
    • To qualify to attend the Luxury Meetings LIVE you must be able to demonstrate a booking history and future desire of bringing group meeting business to the attending luxury hotels and destinations. Complete the online registration form for the city you wish to attend, and we will respond to you within 48 hours on the status of your registration.

      If you are a Corporate, Independent, or Association meeting planners with a verifiable history of booking meetings or a decision maker with a group yielding a minimum of 80 total room nights annually you should have no problem being approved.

  • 3. How do I qualify to attend as a Supplier, Hotelier, or CVB/DMO?
    • Your hotel or destination should actively target business from each respective Luxury Meetings LIVE location.  For instance, if you historically never get business from Boston, you shouldn’t attend that show, whereas if you do historically get business from Chicago, then that’s the LIVE event you should target.  Please call (805) 699-1573 or email for more information.

  • 4. Can I bring a Spouse or Guest?
    • This is a business event/reception. No non-industry guests are invited to attend. However, if your guest is a client or a meeting planner who works with your company and is involved in the sourcing, planning, and execution of meetings then please have them register individually online. 

  • 5. What is the attire?
    • Smart Casual or Business Casual is perfectly appropriate.  It’s a reception and showcase, so we want you to be comfortable yet fashionable. 

  • 6. Can I bring my client?
    • Absolutely! Please have your client register individually online, please.

  • 7. What Suppliers, Hotels, and DMO/CVB’s are attending?
    • Under “Attending Suppliers” within each individual event page, we have a partial list of suppliers that will be in attendance. For the most up-to-date list of attending suppliers please email, as hotels are continually registering to attend.

  • 8. Should Meeting Planners bring RFP’s with them?
    • YES! We encourage all planners to bring any active RFPs which you are currently sourcing. After all that is the purpose of this event.

  • 9. Can more than one (1) Meeting Planner attend from the same company?
    • Yes, if your company has multiple meeting planners who are actively planning and sourcing their own meetings for your company, we would love to have them.

  • 10. Are Meeting Planners required to attend the entire event?
    • Yes. Attendance for the duration of the program, including the entire Speed Meeting sessions and reception, is mandatory for both meeting planners and suppliers.  At absolute minimum please be at each event from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM local time. 

  • 11. Can I just attend the reception?
    • Unfortunately, that would defeat the purpose of the entire event. If you are unable to make the duration of the event (Minimum 3:30 pm – 5:00pm Local Time) we politely ask that you wait to register for an event where you can attend the whole time. Whereas space is limited to only 75 planners, we don’t want someone else to miss out on this invaluable business networking opportunity.

  • 12. What if I have additional questions?
    • If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to call Jacob Ahrens at (805) 699-1573 or contact Jacob via email at  He loves to chat and will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.   You can also shoot him a text at the same number.  🙂

  • 13. I am an attending Supplier, do I find a hotel room anywhere or do you secure a special rate somewhere?
    • For each Luxury Meetings LIVE event, we secure an industry rate for the attending suppliers at the host hotel for pre/post the event date, which will then be booked directly by you… or you can drive in/out or stay where you choose.  The information to book your hotel room at the host hotel will be provided to each attending supplier via email along with the detailed supplier information sheet for each event. 

  • 14. What is the time & agenda of the shows?
    • All shows now run from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm Local Time.   Below is a detailed agenda that will help give you a visual of the structure of the event. 

      2:00 PM – 2:30 PM – Supplier Arrival & Setup (no F&B needed at this time)

      3:00 PM – 3:30 PM – Meeting Planner Arrival & Champagne toast with pass hors d’oeuvres.     This is a short reception where suppliers and planners greet, mingle, and welcome each other to the land of the living, laugh about learning to get dressed again and congratulate each other for making it through a brutal 2020.  This is a celebration of collectively bringing our meetings industry back.  

      3:30 PM – 3:45 PM – Welcome remarks… Introduce the host hotel, let the General Manager welcome everyone, talk about the host hotel, and thank them for their hospitality.   We introduce the charity we will be supporting during the silent auction (Sleep in Heavenly Peace 501 (c) (3)).  After that, we then explain how the event will work, and get the Speed Meetings started between the attending meeting planners and hoteliers.

      3:45 PM – 5:15 PM – Speed Meetings between Meeting Planners and Hoteliers.   Each meeting planner will spend 7-8 min with each hotel, thereby ensuring that every hotel meets with every planner.  Each planner will have a passport that they need to fill out to ensure that they have seen everyone

      5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Reception with Open Bar.  Heavy Hors d’oeuvres with one hot action station and one cold station.   Live music will be playing via a local band/instrumental whom we have partnered with a local DMC and host hotel to help facilitate.  

      6:00 PM – We announce who won each silent auction item and then do the prizes for the planners that all completed their passports.  

      6:30 PM – 7:00 PM – Departure.

  • 15. Are the attendees mostly MICE meeting planners?
    • ALL Planners are MICE planners who are actively booking meetings and events.

  • 16. Approximately how many meeting planners per show?
    • The meeting planner attendance ranges from 25-60 planners depending on the city.   We just finished the Florida events in June 2021, and we averaged 40+ planners at each of the 3 cities.  The maximum number of planners in attendance is 75, with a minimum of 20.  With the meetings industry coming back at different speeds in different cities, this range, although wide is pretty accurate.

  • 17. I am an Attending Supplier: Do I get a tabletop or partial table?
    •  You’re provided a 36” round for all your meetings and our team ensures you will meet face-to-face with every meeting planner in attendance.  We will provide signage for your table, and you can bring whatever items you want to showcase your property as long as it fits on your table (i.e. No Pop-ups or floor signage).   Occasionally, we will utilize 6′ tables or classroom-style tables, but the standard is a 36″ round highboy, as the format is reception style. 

  • 18. I am an Attending Supplier: What do most suppliers bring with them? An IPAD to show the space? Tchotchkes? Brochures?
    • You can bring whatever you want as long as it fits on a 36” round.  No popups.   Tchotchkes are fine to give away, and you can choose to preload them in the swag bags or give them away at your table.   Ideally, an iPad/flipbook is perfectly appropriate.  We provide the signage.  We also recommend bringing a printed 1-sheet with your hot dates/rates, as this is very much of interest to the planners looking for value.  You have 7-8 minutes with each planner, so ideally you spend 3-4 min talking about the property and then 4 min talking about the planners’ meeting needs.   After the formal Speed Meetings are done the additional hour-long reception time allows for longer conversations/follow-ups. 

  • 19. Is this an appointment show? If so, how long are the appointments and do the planners choose the suppliers or suppliers choose the planners?
    • The format is akin to speed dating, which we have branded as Speed Meetings.   Everyone has to meet with everyone with each rotation time being 7-8 minutes.   The Speed Meeting portion is the first half and then the second half of the events is reception style and the flow allows for longer conversations to take place.