18. I am an Attending Supplier: What do most suppliers bring with them? An IPAD to show the space? Tchotchkes? Brochures?

You can bring whatever you want as long as it fits on a 36” round.  No popups.   Tchotchkes are fine to give away, and you can choose to preload them in the swag bags or give them away at your table.   Ideally, an iPad/flipbook is perfectly appropriate.  We provide the signage.  We also recommend bringing a printed 1-sheet with your hot dates/rates, as this is very much of interest to the planners looking for value.  You have 7-8 minutes with each planner, so ideally you spend 3-4 min talking about the property and then 4 min talking about the planners’ meeting needs.   After the formal Speed Meetings are done the additional hour-long reception time allows for longer conversations/follow-ups.